First Night Back…

Greetings friends, fans, and family! (Hi, Moms)

Welcome to Jettison Never’s Fall Tour 2009! We kicked off the journey in Murfreesboro, TN at a place called Bonhoeffer’s. If you’re ever in the mood for a free show, free coffee drink or tea, free wi-fi, freshly made cookies, and even a free bowl of delicious soup, then head over to Bonhoeffer’s on a Thursday night!

PhotobucketThe place was packed with almost 150 people; all of whom had a very entertaining evening. Travis Singleton Started the night off with his solo acoustic greatness!


We played second and despite Matt being sick and having relatively no voice to speak of, (literally…haha!) we had an energetic first night back on the road! With a new season, comes a new tour…and with a new tour, comes a slightly altered set list! Instead of the usual Vendetta, we began the set with Tomorrow…an up-tempo and driving intro to a new and dynamic set! The audience was actively attentive and highly receptive. To finish off the night One Big Owl performed an intriguing, folky, and decidedly indie show. Who could forget the saxophone! The combination of instrumentation and vocals produced a quirky, yet classic interpretation of the genre. In a word…Refreshing.


After an evening of music, coffee, and competitive drummer vs. bassist (of Jettison Never) ping-pong action, we headed over to a 24 hour doughnut shop called Donut Country. The apple fritters were bigger than a grown man’s face, and cheaper than a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline! There, we got to hang out with the members and fans/friends of One Big Owl. No one can emerge from the experience of sharing an enormous apple fritter without making friends! Next time we’re in Murfreesboro, we will have to hang out again! And now, after almost 10 hours of sleep, we are headed to Greenbriar, TN (a few minutes north of Nashville) to a place called Loudhouse Coffee! Stay tuned for more blogs from your friendly neighborhood alternative rock band from Chattanooga, Tennessee as our fall tour unfolds! See you in your town soon!!!

–Matt (lead bassist for Jettison Never)


~ by jettisonnever on September 4, 2009.

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