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Check it out:

(Jettison Never ‘Home Show’, 12/05/09)

Also check out all the Tour Pics from 2009 at:


Update/Tour Recap/Recent Gig List

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Hello friends, fans and family of Jettison Never!!!

This fall tour was a blast for us, including meeting lots of new fans, and getting to see old friends again!

Our last leg went well, even though it snowed on our way to Bemidji, MN; where we played a fun show @ Brigid’s Cross in the great college town at the mouth of the Mississippi River! There we made lots of new friends, and we appreciate them letting us spend the night with them out of the cold; you know who you are! But we made it through the cold to some of our favorite cities; Minneapolis (@Club Underground; a fun Halloween show!), Appleton (@The Core, got to stay with some of our great friends and played in an IMAX), Madison (@The Frequency, a great new venue) Chicago (@Reggie’s Music Joint, an awesome spot, with great food and lots of new fans!), Lexington (@The Round Barn, on the Red Mile Track, a really cool/unique spot w/great friends again!)…..a lot of which we’ve been to before, but thoroughly enjoyed this time around!!!! And even though we’re exhausted, we’ll do it all again next year, so stay tuned!!!

As for now, we are headed into the studio on December 21st to start recording a new album!!!
And as a preview, we are performing 4 new songs from the new album at our December 5th show in Chattanooga!!!
There we will also announce the name of the new full-length.

As a tour recap, check out where we’ve been this past year!

(Jan. 22) Murfreesboro, TN @Boenhoffer’s….
(Jan. 23) Sylva, NC @Guadalupe Cafe….
(Jan. 24) Greenville, SC @Medusa’s ….
(Jan. 25) Charlotte, NC @SK NetCafe….
(Jan. 26) Fayetteville, NC @The Rock Shop….
(Jan. 27) New Bern, NC @Broad Street Music….
(Jan. 28) Greenville, NC @The Tipsy Teapot….
(Jan. 29) Chapel Hill, NC @Jack Sprat Cafe….
(Jan. 30) Myrtle Beach, SC @Fresh Brewed Coffee House….
(Jan. 31) Lexington, SC @The Watershed….
(Feb. 4) Ocoee, FL @House Blend Cafe….
(Feb. 6) Orlando, FL @Voxtropolis 2009….
(Feb. 7) Orlando, FL @Voxtropolis 2009….
(Feb. 10) Tampa, FL @Kelly’s Pub….
(Feb. 11) St. Petersburg, FL @Cafe Bohemia ….
(Feb. 12) Gainesville, FL @The Backstage Lounge….
(Feb. 13) Tallahassee, FL @The Engine Room….
(Feb. 14) Mobile, AL @Alabama Music Box….
(Feb. 16) Houma, LA @Good Times Tavern….
(Feb. 17) New Orleans, LA @The Circle Bar….
(Feb. 18) Shreveport, LA @Mojo’s Downtown….
(Feb. 19) Dallas, TX @Opening Bell Coffee …
(Feb. 20) College Station, TX @The Junction….
(Feb. 21) Houston, TX @Bohemeo’s ….
(Feb. 23) Austin, TX @Good Day Austin T.V. Show….
(Mar. 6) Costa Mesa, CA @eVocal….
(Mar. 20) Monrovia, CA @Monrovia Coffee Company….
(Mar. 25) Ventura, CA @Cafe Bella….
(Mar. 27) Escondido, CA @Joe’s Music & Coffee….
(Apr. 3) Santa Clara, CA @Barefoot Coffee….
(Apr. 4) Ben Lomond, CA @Henfling’s Tavern….
(Apr. 5) Santa Cruz, CA @The Abbey….
(Apr. 6) San Francisco, CA @Retox Lounge….
(Apr. 7) Reno, NV @Studio On 4th….
(Apr. 8 ) Reno, NV @Davidson’s Distillery….
(Apr. 9) Salt Lake City, UT @The Woodshed….
(Apr. 10) Sandy, UT @The Crown Room….
(Apr. 11) Las Vegas, NV @The Freakin’ Frog ….
(Apr. 12) Glendale, AZ @Copper State Tavern….
(Apr. 14) Albuquerque, NM @The Blackbird Buvette….
(Apr. 15) Amarillo, TX @10th St. Deli….
(Apr. 16) Dallas, TX @Opening Bell Coffee….
(Apr. 18) Shreveport, LA @Mojo’s Downtown….
(Apr. 19) New Orleans, LA @Dragon’s Den….
(Apr. 20) Panama City, FL @Gallery Above….
(Apr. 21) Tallahassee, FL @The Engine Room….
(May 28) Chattanooga, TN @Striker’s Lounge….
(May 29) Morristown, TN @The Downtown….
(May 30) Greenbrier, TN @Loudhouse Coffee….
(May 31) Memphis, TN @Murphy’s….
(June 2) Shreveport, LA @Mojo’s Downtown….
(June 3) Houma, LA @The Balcony….
(June 4) Birmingham, AL @The High Note ….
(June 6) Chattanooga, TN @Riverbend Festival….
(June 7) Columbia, SC @WXRY Unsigned Radio Show ….
(June 8 ) Athens, GA @Caledonia Lounge….
(June 10) Spartanburg, SC @Ground Zero….
(June 11) Asheville, NC @The Boiler Room….
(June 12) Myrtle Beach, SC @Fresh Brewed Coffee House….
(June 13) Fayetteville, NC @The Rock Shop ….
(June 14) Raleigh, NC @DIVEbar Raleigh….
(June 15) Greensboro, NC @The Blind Tiger ….
(June 16) Charlotte, NC @Prevue Music Hall….
(June 17) Winston-Salem, NC @Confluence Coffee….
(June 18) Chapel Hill, NC @Jack Sprat Cafe….
(July 3) Johnson City, TN @Acoustic Coffeehouse….
(July 5) Knoxville, TN @Longbranch Music ….
(July 6) Bristol, VA @Java J’s Downtown ….
(July 8 ) Columbus, OH @Bernies ….
(July 9) Louisville, KY @Headliner’s….
(July 10) Louisville, KY @The Rudyard Kipling ….
(July 11) Huntington, WV @V Club….
(July 12) Cincinnati, OH @Blue Rock Tavern ….
(July 13) Indianapolis, IN @The Vollrath Tavern….
(July 14) Seymour, IN @Music House Cafe….
(July 16) St. Louis, MO @Fubar ….
(July 17) St. Louis, MO @Fubar….
(July 18) Lincoln, NE @Sidewinders….
(July 19) Des Moines, IA @Mars Cafe….
(July 20) Ames, IA @Ames Progressive….
(July 22) Eagan, MN @Ring Mountain Creamery ….
(July 23) Minneapolis, MN @Club Underground….
(July 24) Minneapolis, MN @Club Underground….
(July 25) Green Bay, WI @Cup O Joy….
(July 26) Chicago, IL @Miska’s Bar ….
(July 28) Lake Villa, IL @Swing State Venue ….
(July 29) Rochester, MI @The Factory ….
(July 30) Cleveland, OH @Roc Bar ….
(July 31) Youngstown, OH @Cedar’s Lounge….
(Aug 1) Pittsburgh, PA @Bloomfield Bridge Tavern ….
(Aug 2) Rochester, NY @Boulder Coffee Co. ….
(Aug 3) Albany, NY @The Dublin Underground….
(Aug 4) Manchester, NH @Milly’s Tavern….
(Aug 7) Allenstown, NH @Ground Zero….
(Aug 8 ) Augusta, ME @Bridge Street Tavern….
(Aug 9) Boston, MA @Obrien’s…
(Aug 10) Kingston, NY @The Basement ….
(Aug 11) Danbury, CT @Larry’s….
(Aug 12) New York, NY @169 Bar….
(Aug 13) New Cumberland, PA @The Local Beat….
(Aug 14) Independence, NJ @Bar 46….
(Aug 17) Wilmington, DE @Mojo 13 ….
(Aug 18) Alexandria, VA @Fireflies ….
(Aug 19) Richmond, VA @The Triple ….
(Aug 21) Virginia Beach, VA @Club Relevant….
(Aug 22) Big Stone Gap, VA @The Edge….
(Aug. 24) Knoxville, TN @The Speakeasy Bar & Venue….
(Sept. 3) Murfreesboro, TN @Bonhoeffer’s….
(Sept. 4) Greenbrier, TN @Loudhouse Coffee ….
(Sept. 5) Memphis, TN @P & H Cafe ….
(Sept. 10) Columbia, SC @The Elbow Room….
(Sept. 11) Myrtle Beach, SC @Fresh Brewed Coffee House ….
(Sept. 12) Chapel Hill, NC @Jack Sprat …
(Sept. 14) Raleigh, NC @Slim’s Downtown ….
(Sept. 15) Greensboro, NC @The Blind Tiger ….
(Sept. 25) Houma, LA @The Balcony….
(Sept. 26) Houma, LA @The Brickhouse….
(Sept. 27) Houston, TX @Bohemeo’s….
(Sept. 28) Austin, TX @Headhunter’s Music Club….
(Sept. 29) Shreveport, LA @Mojo’s Downtown….
(Sept. 30) Dallas, TX @Opening Bell Coffee….
(Oct. 1) Oklahoma City @Sauced ….
(Oct. 2) Wichita, KS @Wichita Mosaic ….
(Oct. 3) Pueblo, CO @The Daily Grind ….
(Oct. 4) Denver, CO @Casselman’s Bar & Venue ….
(Oct. 8 ) Reno, NV @Studio On 4th ….
(Oct. 10) San Jose, CA @Mission Ale House….
(Oct. 11) Santa Cruz, CA @99 Bottles….
(Oct. 12) San Francisco, CA @Ireland’s 32….
(Oct. 13) San Francisco, CA @Retox Lounge–NOISE CHEK LIVE….
(Oct. 14) San Francisco, CA @Grant & Green Saloon ….
(Oct. 15) Eureka, CA @The Little Red Lion ….
(Oct. 16) Eugene, OR @Diablo’s Downtown Lounge ….
(Oct. 17) Portland, OR @The Red Room….
(Oct. 18) Seattle, WA @Skylark Club ….
(Oct. 20)Tacoma WA @ The Mandolin Cafe….
(Oct. 21) Bremerton, WA @AFU Gallery ….
(Oct. 22) Spokane, WA @The Cretin Hop….
(Oct. 24) Bozeman, MT @The Leaf & Bean ….
(Oct. 27) Sioux Falls, SD @Latitude 44 ….
(Oct. 28) Bismarck, ND @Project Noise ….
(Oct. 29) Fargo, ND @The Nestor Tavern….
(Oct. 30) Bemidji, MN @Brigid’s Cross ….
(Oct. 31) Minneapolis, MN @Club Underground ….
(Nov. 1) Appleton, WI @The Core….
(Nov. 2) Madison, WI @The Frequency w/Fortune & Glory….
(Nov. 3) Chicago, IL @Reggie’s Music Joint w/Mr. Blotto….
(Nov. 4) Lafayette, IN @Skylight Coffee House w/ Lindsey Sickler….
(Nov. 6) Lexington, KY @The Round Barn w/Very Emergency…

Northwest Territory: Montana, Yellowstone, & The Great Plains

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After Spokane, we entered the longest and most spread-out parts of our Touring. We took a couple of days to get to our next stop; Bozeman, MT, where we played a local coffee shop called “The Leaf & Bean”. To our surprise and delight, one of our friends from Reno, NV showed up; Theodore! He was planning on moving out to Bozeman, but wasn’t sure when exactly, yet we were thrilled that he arrived out there just in time to see our show! It was great to see Teddy again, and he let us stay in his condo on a ski resort, where he’ll be managing the slopes in Big Sky, MT, just north of Yellowstone National Park. It was beautiful up there, and we arrived just in time to miss any big snow.


After a hearty breakfast of fresh fruit, coffee and egg and pepper-jack broccoli burritos (I know it sounds gross, but it tasted amazing!) made by Teddy, we left sadly after the peaceful and beautiful retreat. From Spokane, WA to Billings, MT has got to be some of the most breathtaking mountain landscape we’ve ever seen, and we enjoyed viewing every minute of it! Throughout that whole region, it was just mountain range after golden valley after mountain range…..everywhere you looked it seemed like a postcard! We had the next show cancel on us in Billings, MT; but we had such a ways to go that we ended up driving there and spending the night at another WalMart anyways. The air started to get colder and colder, that night reaching 17 degrees! Yet it was dry and windy, so we didn’t feel it as bad as if we were back east.


After Montana, we headed into North and South Dakota including; “Latitude 44” (a nice listening room with great atmosphere) in Sioux Falls, SD, “Project Noise” (they gave us great pizzas!) in Bismarck, ND, and “The Nestor Tavern” in Fargo, ND. All of these places were great, but spread out very far across the high Plains, and so we were pretty worn out from driving all day between everything. I’d say our best show was in Fargo, at The Nestor Tavern, where we were surprised with a warm welcome (despite the dropping temperatures and drizzling rain) and great support/merch sales! Just about everyone in the band local band Venus In Furs (whom we opened for) bought a cd, and had us sign it…..something we’re still not used to, even though it’s happened before…All in all, we made some more great friends and fans, and we hope to return soon; though it’s tough to get to these far-away places! And we were lucky enough to miss rough western weather and snowstorms across the high mountains and plains…….but not for long!


Northwest Territory: The Coastal Lands of OR & WA

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After the great Redwoods, our trek up the Pacific Coast took us through more wild Pine forest, beautiful and speckled with deciduous trees of bight yellow and red-orange.  We entered Oregon with an excitement of seeing new places we’ve never been before.  And the good news was that we were on our way to meet some friends.

In Eugene, OR, we played a place called “Diablo’s Downtown Lounge”, a cool venue, right in the heart of the downtown college scene.  Afterwards we discovered a great 24-hr. Mexican Restaurant; ‘Muchas Gracias’!  They had fantastic portions and great prices, and a café-style dining menu.  It reminded us of ones back home, only without servers.

Then we made our way up to Portland, OR, where we had scheduled at last to meet some old friends of mine, Shayna and Keith Bowman!  I went to High School with Shayna, and sang in choirs with her, etc.; and Keith, the band knew from College, etc.  It was a warm welcome to see them again, especially after months and months of interaction with strangers and unfamiliar places (besides Santa Cruz).  They cooked for us and let us stay in their home where, at last……….another shower!  Actually we took as many showers there as possible!!!!  And they let us do laundry, which we were in great need of!  Thanks SO much, Keith and Shayna!!!!!!

In downtown Portland, we played a place called “The Red Room”.  Shayna and Keith both came out to the show, and brought a few friends!  There we enjoyed a great show, with a warm welcome and hearty interest in our music…….as well as a little dancing during the show! 😉 We also met a few great local acts who performed with us, one being the band ‘Lowenbad’, a soulful alternative band with a female lead singer.  All in all, it was great fun and one of the best shows on the tour!

After Portland, we made our way to Seattle, WA; where we were scheduled to play a place called “The Skylark Club”.  There we were also received with a great response, and the audience and bands enjoyed our music very much (I think just about every member of the other bands bought c.d.’s ;), and the other local Seattle bands were great as well! 

During our time in Seattle, we got to stay with a family friend, Debbie Pope; a local University school teacher, and cat-lover!  In her house she had 7 cats; all well-behaved and cuddly, with only one name I remember:  Rocky Balboa, a chubby and dark-striped male cat, with plenty of spunk!  She let us stay in her place for a couple of nights, and since we had a day off, I then took Jenny out for her birthday to downtown Seattle, where we enjoyed walking around the city, Benihana’s, as well as Pike’s Place Starbucks, a local favorite!  Debbie also gave us lots of food and help on local things to do, not to mention all the nearest Starbucks locations; of which she was very much addicted to their coffee, as am I!  It was great fun and we really appreciate everything; thanks again Debbie!!!!

(Left:  Jenny & I in downtown Seattle……..Right:  Rocky Balboa)

After leaving Debbie’s (sadly L) and Seattle, we played shows in the greater Seattle area including Tacoma, WA @ The Mandolin Café (fantastic food and Pumpkin Spice Lattes!); as well as Bremerton, WA @ AFU Gallery.  We also got to see glimpses of the great Mt. Rainier; as we made our way east toward Spokane.  The mountains were beautiful there and the scenery breath-taking! (besides the cloudiness and rain…)  And the trees were at their peak of changing all around WA.  Then, arriving in Spokane after a long day of travel, we played a show with some great bands @ a place called “The Cretin Hop”, a punk-style all-ages venue; where T.C., the manager hooked us up with some liter-sized Arizona sweet teas, not to mention a great crowd and lots of new fans as well!!!!!


(Left:  Mt. Rainier, WA………..Right:  Right:  On the way to Spokane, WA)

The West Coast: Circling The Bay Area & NorCal

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Hello again fans, friends and family of Jettison Never!

Our next stop after Reno was San Jose, CA, the southern end of the ‘Bay Area’, what they call the bay surrounding San Francisco. We had an extra day due to the cancellation of our show in Sacramento, so we ended up just driving straight through from Reno to San Jose. Now, if you’ve heard anything about our last tour, you would know that we made almost daily stops on the east coast at Panera Bread ™ Cafés, for internet, cheap throw-away bread, and dumpster-dives…After being sick of Panera stops for quite some time, we purposely avoided them this fall for the most part….until now. We decided to spend the day in San Jose at yet another Panera Bread! (yippeeeee!) Then we headed to the show downtown at a place called “Mission Ale House”. We were scheduled also for an interview/taping there with a girl named Denver, who promotes local as well as touring bands for her weekly nights and online interviews/videos with ‘Deez Nitze Productions’. The interview went well, and we also got a taping of some of our live set inside Mission Ale House as well. We enjoyed a good crowd, and a much-welcomed night of promoting our music. Thanks Denver!

After that we traveled to Santa Cruz, one of our favorite cities! It’s beautiful there, and the people are laid-back and easy-going. When we got into town, we went straight to one of our favorite restaurants in the US, Santa Cruz Diner. In town, we were scheduled to play a show a one of our favorite places; “The Abbey”. It’s a nice coffeehouse full of vintage furniture, relaxed atmosphere…and the coffee is awesome with a hint of sweetness; made by local baristas, ‘Verve Coffee Roasters’. We hung out there for a while, and got to chill also with our friend, Bennett, who is in charge of managing the music/events that go on at The Abbey. Bennett had to give us the sad news earlier on our tour that The Abbey was having some ‘sound ordinance’ issues, and had to cease music events for the time being…..unfortunately this happened right before our scheduled show! We were quite bummed for not being able to play; but Bennett still treated us right and helped us out including free coffee from The Abbey, as well as booking us at a local bar/restaurant called “99 Bottles” for the night we were in town. It was a good show, thanks again for everything Bennett!

(Above: no, it’s not a rat in a tree……it’s really a black squirrel we saw in Santa Cruz!)

After a night in Santa Cruz, we headed to San Francisco. We were geared up for 3 nights in San Fran., in hopes of continuing to build a good fan-base there. It ended up being a little gloomy because of the weather, which was everything from a coastal drizzle to a torrent that lasted nearly a full day. However, the ugliness of ‘San Fran’ said nothing of the people there, which we’ve come to enjoy being around and respect! First we played at a popular downtown Irish pub called “Ireland’s 32”. We didn’t know what to expect, but the show ended up going very well, and we had lots of fun meeting lots of new people (some with Irish accents 😉 and enjoyed some lamb stew made by the bar’s cook, Frederick. Also, surprise of all surprises, we learned that our friend Mel from Annex Project happened to be in town, and she ended up coming by Ireland’s to see us!!!! It honestly turned out to be a real fun night, full of surprises!

The next night we played at “Retox Lounge” for a live and local S.F. broadcast called ‘Noise Chek’. They air it on a local t.v. station, and it includes live performance video as well as some great press photos taken by a photographer named Aviva. It was yet another great chance to promote our music around town. Then we were scheduled @ “Grant & Green Saloon” the following night, where we were met by a bustling street crowd and lots of enthusiastic San Fran. locals, eager for live music. Grant & Green was small, but well-known by locals, and we enjoyed a well-received performance. We had a bit of difficulty getting there because the Bay Bridge into the city from Oakland was at stand-still traffic, and is the only way into San Fran. coming from where we had hung out at yet another Panera outside the city that day. But we made it just in time, and caught a few songs of the opening local band, ‘Cactus Mouth’, who delivered a great sound. Another shout-out to them for playing with us, as well as Scott (booker/mgmt. for Grant & Green) for hooking us up with the fun show. Thanks again!



Then as we left the great San Francisco, we crossed the great Golden Gate Bridge and up Hwy. 101 into CA’s beautiful wine country! The trip up to our next stop, Eureka, CA, was met by everything from rolling hills with valleys laced with beautiful wineries, to beautiful coastal mountains filled with……at last….the great Redwoods! We had seen a few smaller ones before, down close to Santa Cruz earlier this year, but it was nothing like this! The Redwoods outside of Eureka and beyond were breath-taking; massive trees towering the sides of the road and the coastline like great pillars, with ferns and moss-covered trees covering the undergrowth beneath. It was a truly spectacular and picturesque view from all sides! And once in Eureka, we played at a place called “The Red Lion”, a small bar with a great and friendly atmosphere, and managed by the laid-back, crab-fisherman, surfer-dude Pat. (whom we envied for spending most of his life in Hawaii….) We had a great time playing there, and were very well-received and wish the other bands who played with us luck as well. Thanks again Pat and everyone at The Red Lion!



(Top left: Napa Valley in CA…Top right: coastal Mtn. view…Bottom left: the beginning of Redwood National Park, smaller redwoods at sunset…Bottom right: is that Bigfoot?)

Up next; Northwest Territory: The Coastal Lands of OR & WA

Into The West: From The Great Plains to The Rockies

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Greetings fans, friends and family of Jettison Never!
Biblical David wrestling a tiger...Oklahoma/Kansas plains
(Left: crazy “King David” statue….Right: OK/KS….the same thing for miles!)
Next on our list was Oklahoma City after Dallas. We enjoyed a scenic and very windy journey through the plains. It was so windy and breezy going north from TX, that it was hard to stay in a straight line on the interstate! If the ‘po-po’ would’ve been watching, we might’ve had to stop and walk the line…..But once we arrived in Oklahoma City we played at a place called “Sauced”. Sauced wasn’t all about what you might think the name would imply….actually Sauced was more of a laid-back café, including some fantastic NY-style pizzas, coffee, and desserts. The pizzas were huge and awesome, and you guessed it; we ate 2! We ended up playing another acoustic show…because of sound system issues….and it actually turned out to be a great show! We met some great people including a girl named Nichole, who let us stay at her house afterwards, including the rewards of a much-needed shower in the morning. You could only imagine the stench of 3 smelly, sweaty guys after about a week since LA. Big shout out to her: ‘thanks again, Nichole!!!!’
Moonlight on the Texas country
Oklahoma sunset
Then we headed onward to Kansas. Now if you ever thought IL/IN/NS/MO were boring to drive through…..think again! KS has got to be the most boring landscape in all of the U.S.! But the sky on the other hand, is a different story. OK/KS sky has got to be some of the most beautiful yet, because of the obvious breadth of horizon. (no trees=’big sky’!) And there were storms on the horizon while we drove, and tons of wind shaking us back and forth; yet we didn’t run into any weather trouble thankfully, only a little nausea! 😉 And then we got to Wichita, our next stop; at a place called “Wichita Mosaic”. We knew it would be an interesting gig, and didn’t expect much, and if you know anything about us and the band, you know we’ll play just about anywhere! Yet, though the place was small, we had a great time and we met some great people there, including Mike Furches who runs the place, and his family. Mike actually moved out to Wichita from Johnson City, TN; and we enjoyed sharing fellow TN stories and experiences from a true fellow southerner! Mike also is quite the movie critic, and we enjoyed discussing/critiquing different movies. They let us stay at their house after the gig (a house where 2/3 of it is underground out in the countryside; utilizing a semi-‘geo-thermal’ energy design), and gave us breakfast including farm-fresh eggs, fresh fruit, and fresh coffee! And shock of all shocks, we got another shower again!!!!! (wait, isn’t that two days in a row?!?!?) It was wonderful and refreshing.
Pueblo desert
Bluff in Pueblo, CO
(From Top to Bottom: the Scrublands of KS/CO……a bluff north of Pueblo)

Next we made the long trek out to Pueblo, CO (which is about 7 hrs. from Wichita…..but the only town westward of KS!), and a long and tiring journey it was. It was crazy seeing the plains turn into sort of a desert, a dry and arid sort of scrubland. And then off in the distance, you could see from the highway the mountains of Pike’s Peak poke out on the horizon in the sunset. In Pueblo, we performed at a coffee shop called; “The Daily Grind”. There we had a great time and met some more new friends including a young college girl named Maggie; who was in school for voice and opera. She enjoyed our singing and our songs, which was an honor to us. As we talked to her about both mine and Matt’s classical music backgrounds, she mentioned to us that she will get to sing in a choir in Denver, that is going to be conducted by one of our favorite modern Choral composers; Eric Whitacre! Matt and I were ecstatic; and wished Maggie luck with that much envied, upcoming gig; as well as best of luck in all of her Voice career to come!

Downtown Denver, CO
(From Top to Bottom: the view from Colorado Springs….Downtown Denver)

After the scrubland and stucco ‘pueblo’ style houses of Pueblo, we began to see more of the mountains coming into Denver. In Denver we played a place called; “Casselman’s Bar & Venue”, where we ended up doing another acoustic show. The place has a 1,000 person capacity room, but we ended up playing next to the front bar, where we had a decent local, skiing/snowboarding type crowd venture in and out. Though we were a little sad not to play the huge, nice concert hall; it ended up being a fun gig anyways, and opened up doors for coming back in the future. Casselman’s was great, and the staff there treated us very well! They also gave us some great food, including a tasty pepper-jack cheeseburger.
Bison valley west of Denver
Rocky Mtn. National Park

(Top: Bison roaming the valley above Denver…Others: Rocky Mt. National Park)

But though we entered into some of the most beautiful parts of CO/UT next, we began some tough times and a very tough journey further out west. Our show in Grand Junction, CO got cancelled…..without our knowledge! And to top it all off, we drove to the venue and there was no sign of the promoter… was a rough couple of days. Then we drove to Park City, UT (where they held the Winter Olympics); which was also a very beautiful trek. However, that gig was also cancelled without notifying us!!!! Yet, Somer, the manager for “The Listening Room”, ended up paying us $ for the mistake and for our troubles. Thanks Somer!

(From Top to Bottom: Grand Junction, CO at the base of the Colorado River…Near Bryce Canyon, UT…Giant windmills turn energy atop the Wasatch Mts., above SLC, UT…Provo Canyon, Provo, UT…)

And then, after an all-night 8 hr. journey across the UT and NV desert, we FINALLY arrived at Reno, NV; where we enjoyed playing for our friends at “Studio On 4th”! We had a great show, and it was great to see our friends out there again. And a BIG, BIG shout-out and thanks to the soundguy Chris for letting us stay at his house in Reno…and you guessed it; providing us with yet another much-needed shower! Thanks Chris!!!!
Up next:
Stay tuned for the next Blog; The West Coast: Circling The Bay Area
-Josh, Jettison Never

The Gulf Coast: Down on our favorite Bayou…to the Lone Star State!

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Hello friends and fans of Jettison Never!

It’s been a while since our last blog; but that’s because we’ve had quite a few complications…..

Shortly after our North Carolina leg of our Fall Tour (Sept.),
all of us became extremely ill……..bed-ridden to be exact!!!

I (Josh) got the worst of it.
The flu was horrible including the worst symptoms.
Then my wife Jennifer, who came with us again, got it almost as bad.
Then Matt got it in a lesser form, until all of us were sick in the van.
Ben didn’t get it so bad until after we got home.

To sum it up, we had to cancel about a week’s worth of dates, and had to
go back home and stay in bed until we got better.

It was awful!

Then finally we got just well-enough to continue the tour just in time.

Sky over New Orleans Bay

(sky shot over New Orleans Bay)

The closest and next stop that we could make was Houma, Louisiana.
Man, it was hot and humid for the last weekend of September;
with temps reaching the 90’s still………I sweated out like a sauna while playing!
But we still had a blast as always!
There we got to see our good friend Jaime DeBona again, and play a couple of great clubs in downtown Houma for the weekend; including ever-popular The Balcony & The Brickhouse!

It was a lot of fun! And Jaime really hooked us up while we were there.
Thanks again, Jaime!
Sunset over downtown Houma

(Sunset over downtown Houma)

A new favorite  Raising Canes Chicken Fingers!!!!!

(A new favorite: Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers!)

Leaving Houma, we stopped at a local place called:
Cajun Charlie’s! It was an awesome Cajun buffet; some of the best
Bayou food we’ve ever had!
(No offense, Jaime; your Chicken & Sausage Gumbo is still the best!:)

Then it was on to Texas.
Downtown Houston skyline

(Houston skyline)

Our first stop was in Houston, where we enjoyed some great Mocha Frappe’s!
Matt enjoying a Frappe in Houston.

And then on to the ever-musical Austin!
Horse statue in front of The Brickhouse, Houma, LA

(mini-horse statue)

We made a lot of great new friends in Austin @ a place called Headhunter’s.
Even though the place was small, we got a great response and sold some c.d.’s./made great new fans.
They also got us some pizza from next-door-neighbors; Hoboken Pie!
The pizza was great, and it was huge! A 20” pie!

Then we trekked back to Shreveport, Louisiana to one of our favorite places;
Mojo’s Downtown!
We had great fun there, as always, and played the night away from 1:00a.m. until 4:00 a.m.!!!!!
(crazy 😉

After that, we drove to Dallas, TX to play at one of our favorite coffee joints;
Opening Bell Coffee! We enjoyed playing a “full-‘cousti” set to our biggest crowd yet there, and had a great time….
(don’t hesitate to ask us what “full-‘cousti” means….we have coined the term…)

When we left the next day, we enjoyed some Reese Klondike bars………
a flavor that we’ve never had, before our journey into the midwest!
What would Josh do for a Reeses Klondike?
What would Ben do for a Reeses Klondike?
What would Matt do for a Reeses Klondike?
Stay tuned for more updates about our Midwest and Southwest leg;
coming soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!