About Jettison Never

Comprised of brothers Matt and Josh Gilbert, and cousin Ben Phillips;
the 3-piece Jettison Never combines honest lyrics, tight vocals, and
personal chemistry, producing a sound you will never forget!  Jettison
Never was formed in Chattanooga in 1998, when brothers Josh and Matt
Gilbert and cousin Ben Phillips began to share family and life’s
hardships, and decided to put their efforts together into some
original music. From the opening chords to the last note, the natural
ability and hard work that’s gone into the music is evident. Jettison
Never can be classified as “alternative/rock”, with a sound influenced
by bands in the vein of Mute Math, Coldplay, Kings Of Leon, and The
Killers; as well as garnered many references to the earlier sounds of
U2 & The Police.

Now mustering an ambitious goal to build a national fan base, the band
spends 9 months out of the year performing at hundreds of venues
across the United States sharing the stage with many acts including
the likes of Mute Math, Bowling For Soup, Cool Hand Luke, and Pillar.
With their current full-length release “They Fall From Heaven
Unassembled” (c) 2007, in the past year alone, Jettison Never has
performed over 200+ shows in upwards of 44 states, and in over 70
cities including; Atlanta, Chicago, Raleigh, Seattle, Portland,
Orlando, Minneapolis, Austin, Dallas, New Orleans, San Francisco,
Denver, Lexington, LA, etc…

Now with a past full-length release, and 5+ national tours under their
belt, Jettison Never plans on continuing to develop their independent
fan base through touring; as well as plans to release a new
full-length album by next year. The band is going to start recording
this winter in Dec. and plans on growing their already booming fan
base and topping their efforts and music in the year to come.


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