North Carolina’s at it again…

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Greetings to you!

North Carolina is one of the most beautiful states in the Union! We get to see a lot of her splendor as we drive from town to town. The mist on the mountains, the vibrant sunsets, the eastern coastline, and the dense forests work together to inspire even the most calloused of observers. Traveling this great state is always a privilege and a pleasure.

In all of North Carolina, one of our favorite cities is Chapel Hill! The students of UNC are always walking the streets and perusing the bars and venues along the strip. Saturday night was our third time in the city this year, and the same venue as well! Jack Sprat Cafe is a really cool place to experience a rockin’ show! Great food and a full bar accompany an array of interesting independent artists and bands. In our past nights there, we’ve made a few friends and many of them came out to see us that night! Again, we were faced with new and unexpected dance moves to songs we never thought would get them! Our slower tempo ballad song, “Don’t Go It Alone” soon to appear (hopefully) on a new album in the near future (Again…hopefully), was joined with slow dancing couples all throughout the place.

Altogether an incredibly fun evening! We finally sold completely out of our cds that night as well, and when Jen noticed we were out of small black t-shirts she asked me (Matt) to go get some more from the trailer. That usually wouldn’t be a problem of course, however the van and trailer were parked over half a mile away! So I took off at a run from the venue to the van and parked it in the fire lane out front. I didn’t have keys to the trailer, so I had to run in and borrow Josh’s. By the time I got the extra shirts into Jack Sprat, the people who were buying the shirts left! Oh well…

After the show, we went to a local diner place called Time Out. We heard about it from Man Vs. Food on Food Network. They have this huge cheddar cheese and fried chicken biscuit! Of course, they are open 24 hours a day 365 days a year. After waiting in a huge line that went outside the door, we got our biscuits. Very worth the wait! Amazing! We will definitely go back again next time we’re in town!

We had Sunday off to laze around and use the internet at various Panera Breads. We went next to Raleigh, NC. In the heart of downtown is a place called Slim’s. The only way to load in was through the front door, and that was a bus stop. Needless to say, we had to hurry and unload faster than we ever had so we didn’t get in the next bus’s way. Not 30 seconds after Ben pulled the van and trailer away, the bus zoomed into its spot. The other band, 100 Yorktown’s singer was really sick, so we were the only band to play for the evening. It was still a fun night though and definitely a cool area of town!

Greensboro here we come! But that’s not until next blog! Tune in next time to hear about how we tamed the Blind Tiger! Thanks for joining us again and listening to our stories. We hope you’ve enjoyed the pictures. We’d like to thank Jen for taking the live shots! Finally, we have someone to take pictures while we play! Well, that’s all for us. Until next time,

-Jettison Never


The Saga Continues…

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Hello again from the never ending road!

Our southeast portion of this leg have been going well! Greenbrier and Memphis went well! We seem to be making more and more fans in our home state! Memphis is especially cool! Soul is so strongly infused into the culture and music scene. It is refreshing to see such a mix of genres work well!

After a few more days back home due to cancellations, we headed into South Carolina! One of Lexington’s coolest venues, The Elbow Room, welcomed us into the state with an incredibly fun night of rock, and indeed a little bit of roll as well! We met a lot of cool people and possibly even made some fans…but more importantly friends! Definitely plan on going back there! Next on our hit list was of course, Myrtle Beach! Fresh Brewed Coffee House has become a staple of the Jettison Never Carolina tour experience!! This evening was an exception only in the overwhelmingly enthusiastic response we received! The crowd was definitely there for a rock show! They were clapping along without even being prompted! Sporadic dance routines were sprouting up all around! We have never sold that many cds at a single show before! In fact, we have to order some more so that we’ll actually have enough to sell over the next few days! Certainly, friends and fans were made that night!

If you’ve not noticed the lack of photos in this particular blog, this mention is sure to remedy that. We’ve been having camera battery troubles lately, but we have it all figured out now! So be looking for more glimpses of the worlds we travel in the blogs to come! If you’re wondering where we are headed next, check out our tour schedule on myspace. We love all our friends and family and can’t wait to see you all again soon! Until next blog,

–Jettison Never

First Night Back…

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Greetings friends, fans, and family! (Hi, Moms)

Welcome to Jettison Never’s Fall Tour 2009! We kicked off the journey in Murfreesboro, TN at a place called Bonhoeffer’s. If you’re ever in the mood for a free show, free coffee drink or tea, free wi-fi, freshly made cookies, and even a free bowl of delicious soup, then head over to Bonhoeffer’s on a Thursday night!

PhotobucketThe place was packed with almost 150 people; all of whom had a very entertaining evening. Travis Singleton Started the night off with his solo acoustic greatness!


We played second and despite Matt being sick and having relatively no voice to speak of, (literally…haha!) we had an energetic first night back on the road! With a new season, comes a new tour…and with a new tour, comes a slightly altered set list! Instead of the usual Vendetta, we began the set with Tomorrow…an up-tempo and driving intro to a new and dynamic set! The audience was actively attentive and highly receptive. To finish off the night One Big Owl performed an intriguing, folky, and decidedly indie show. Who could forget the saxophone! The combination of instrumentation and vocals produced a quirky, yet classic interpretation of the genre. In a word…Refreshing.


After an evening of music, coffee, and competitive drummer vs. bassist (of Jettison Never) ping-pong action, we headed over to a 24 hour doughnut shop called Donut Country. The apple fritters were bigger than a grown man’s face, and cheaper than a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline! There, we got to hang out with the members and fans/friends of One Big Owl. No one can emerge from the experience of sharing an enormous apple fritter without making friends! Next time we’re in Murfreesboro, we will have to hang out again! And now, after almost 10 hours of sleep, we are headed to Greenbriar, TN (a few minutes north of Nashville) to a place called Loudhouse Coffee! Stay tuned for more blogs from your friendly neighborhood alternative rock band from Chattanooga, Tennessee as our fall tour unfolds! See you in your town soon!!!

–Matt (lead bassist for Jettison Never)

Summer Tour 09′

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(July 3) Johnson City, TN @Acoustic Coffeehouse

(July 5) Knoxville, TN @Longbranch Music

(July 6) Bristol, VA @Java J’s Downtown

(July 8 ) Columbus, OH @Bernies

(July 9) Louisville, KY @Headliner’s

(July 10) Louisville, KY @The Rudyard Kipling

(July 11) Huntington, WV @V Club!

(July 12) Cincinnati, OH @Blue Rock Tavern

(July 13) Indianapolis, IN @The Vollrath Tavern

(July 14) Seymour, IN @Music House Cafe

(July 16) St. Louis, MO @Fubar

(July 17) St. Louis, MO @Fubar

(July 18) Lincoln, NE @Sidewinders

(July 19) Des Moines, IA @Mars Cafe

(July 20) Ames, IA @Ames Progressive

(July 21) Fort Madison, IA @Bernie’s Bar

(July 22) Eagan, MN @Ring Mountain Creamery

(July 23) Minneapolis, MN @Club Underground

(July 24) River Falls, WI @PR’s Place

(July 25) Green Bay, WI @Cup O Joy

(July 26) Chicago, IL @Miska’s Bar

(July 27) Lake Villa, IL @Swing State Radio

(July 28) Lake Villa, IL @Swing State Venue

(July 29) Rochester, MI @The Factory

(July 30) Cleveland, OH @Roc Bar

(July 31) Youngstown, OH @Cedar’s Lounge

(Aug 1) Pittsburgh, PA @Bloomfield Bridge Tavern

(Aug 2) Rochester, NY @Boulder Coffee Co.

(Aug 3) Albany, NY @The Dublin Underground

(Aug 4) Manchester, NH @Milly’s Tavern

(Aug 7) Allenstown, NH @Ground Zero

(Aug 8 ) Augusta, ME @Bridge Street Tavern

(Aug 9) Boston, MA @Obrien’s

(Aug 10) Kingston, NY @The Basement

(Aug 11) Danbury, CT @Larry’s

(Aug 12) New York, NY @169 Bar

(Aug 13) New Cumberland, PA @The Local Beat

(Aug 14) Independence, NJ @Bar 46

(Aug 17) Wilmington, DE @Mojo 13

(Aug 18) Alexandria, VA @Fireflies

(Aug 19) Richmond, VA @The Triple

(Aug 21) Virginia Beach, VA @Jolt 180

(Aug 22) Big Stone Gap, VA @The Edge

(Aug. 24) Knoxville, TN @The Speakeasy Bar & Venue

Greetings JN fans and friends!

We know it has been a while since we’ve last written you all via this blog! To all of those who check or look for new blogs from us, we apologize for not keeping up and staying on top of it as we should. Most of you, if not all of you have probably seen this list of dates for our summer tour, which is almost over btw!! Ahh, its so crazy that July is over and August is about to be over as well! But we wanted to post the show schedule and show you all the places we’ve visited these past two months!

We have been so privileged to go and play all of these places listed above! Almost all of these dates were in new towns that we had never been to before as a band! We’ve met so many new faces and friends, shared the stage with countless other new artists and have been invited into soo many amazing peoples homes! We would like to thank anyone and everyone that allowed us to come into their homes and or use an outlet to plug our window AC unit in so that we could sleep comfortably! We cannot thank you all enough!

A lot of things have happened to us this trip, good and bad, with the majority being good! As of now Matt and Ben know how to replace the alternator (twice) & main computer on on the van ha ha! We also have sold out of CD’s on this tour, which is very encouraging, a big thanks to all of those who purchased a CD and or any of our other merch.

We will be home for a 9 day break at the end of this month, then we will be out coming to a city near you till mid November! The dates that we have as of now are already posted on the Myspace page but we’ll post another blog with the Fall Tour 09′ schedule as it becomes finalized! Thank you to everybody that reads these!

It means a great deal to us that someone is keeping up with us! More blogs to come soon, we promise!

Jettison Never Featured In Chattanooga Times Free Press Riverbend Coverage!

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Hey JN fans and friends!

Here is a link to a short video interview and song clip of Jettison Never from Riverbend ’09 in Chattanooga TN!!! Check it out and leave comments please!

Thank you to everyone that came out and supported us at Riverbend ’09! It meant alot to us to see you all out there!

09′ Hello Angels…Hello Dangers Tour Home

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Greetings JN Fans,

We have begun our tour home in a round about way! Our first show was in Santa Clara California at Barefoot Coffee! Barefoot was a pretty cool place, it was kinda of a smaller cafe type venue so the show was acoustic (Ben sighs). . . But as always Josh and Matt did a wonderful job!! We ended up meeting some really cool people, the employees and patrons! The talented employees were creating some awesome coffee “paintings”.We really enjoyed the coffee for its flavor as well! Overall this evening was a good way to start off the tour home!

The next evening we played at Henflings Tavern. Henflings was more or less a biker bar which was located in the mountains in Ben Lomond California. We opened up the night with a pretty good crowd!! We actually had a new friend from the night before come out to see our “rock” show after seeing our acoustic show! This was huge to us!! We all thought it was super cool that our new friend from the night before came out to our next show. We were glad to be able to play our rock show, and come to find out we were received very well!! The 3 bands that were to follow us and their friends loved our show and thought we were all 3 very talented musicians, which was such a big compliment! We enjoyed the other bands, but also had some crazy crowd members poke and hit at some of us!!

“The Abbey”
Santa Cruz California was the next stop on our tour. The Abbey where we played that night was actually about 20 min from the day before. We got to The Abbey the night before ha ha. We tend to show up early to most of our shows lol, too early!! But lucky for us it was open by the time we woke up. Josh and I decided to go in a introduce ourselves and become acquainted with the venue and the employees. Matt on the other hand decided to keep up with his running routine and ran down to the beach. During his time at the beach he played a game or two of doubles volleyball. While Matt played volleyball, Josh and I worked on some online work for the band.
Later that day we met Bennet. Bennet was the gentleman that booked for The Abbey. Bennet was a really nice guy, and all 4 of us struck up some very good conversations! Around the time the show was supposed to start 2 of our awesome friends walked in! The Graffs!! It was so good to see them, friends that we hadn’t just met!! ha ha We had a wonderful dinner with them, and had some good conversations. Thanks guys!

Thanks to all you JN fans for reading and keeping up with us, we greatly appreciate it!!


Our time in Sierra Madre(Pasadena) California… Writing, Workin and some Acoustic shows..

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Hello readers,

I believe we left you guys last in Texas?! Anyways that was the last place that we played before heading to Sierra Madre/ Pasadena California. After our “show” in El Paso got canceled, we decided to head to our Management/Artist Development teams house in Pasadena. This was actually quite a drive ha ha around 11 1/2 hour drive… Which most of that was driven by Ben at night, lets say at least 7 1/2 hours worth!! Anyways, we actually arrived at the house at the same time our manager Mike did, how crazy! So we finally arrived to our “home” for a month!! The house actually belonged to the other half of our team, Mel. Mels parents allowed us to invade their home for a little over a month! They are the a true form of hospitality!! They were so awesome the entire time! On multiple occasions they either made or bought us food; Incredible!

The majority of our time there was spent on writing and pre-producing some material for our new album!! We’re not 100% sure when we will be recording it but we’ve got some pretty good ideas!! All of us are really excited about the songs we have thus far! We still have some stuff to come up with but that will happen over time…
Other than writing and such, we had a couple of acoustic shows in and around our area. Most if not all of the shows ended up being just Josh and Matt and on occasion Ben with some small percussion stuff… But all in all the shows went great and we were able to push our new acoustic Unassembled EP!!
OH!! Yeah and can not forget that we were able to get some haircuts and new band photos while we were out there too!!

During some of our down time we were able to go and visit some of our greatest friends in Ventura/Thousand Oaks Cali. The Sharps have been such an amazing family to us!! Almost like blood!! We got to go and visit and hang out with them and some of our other friends Jonny and Val!! We all had such a good time playing games and visiting!!
And on top of all of the many things the Sharps have done for us, they gave us a Mac PowerBook G4!!! HOLY CRAP! That was soooooo awesome of them, and it has been super useful and helpful!! Thank you guys sooooooooo much! We love you Dean & Christina!!

We have left our “home” in Pasadena and are now back on the road!! It’s as if we never stopped! Lol
We’re on our way home in a round about way making our way up north hitting northern parts of California, entering into Utah and Nevada before heading back south to Texas, Louisiana and Florida!! We will keep you up on our journey home, it might be hit or miss on home frequent the blogs are because we have a show everyday until we get home on the 22nd. So with that in mind, we thank everybody that reads this and keeps up with us!!

We love you all!!!

Jettison Never