Northwest Territory: The Coastal Lands of OR & WA


After the great Redwoods, our trek up the Pacific Coast took us through more wild Pine forest, beautiful and speckled with deciduous trees of bight yellow and red-orange.  We entered Oregon with an excitement of seeing new places we’ve never been before.  And the good news was that we were on our way to meet some friends.

In Eugene, OR, we played a place called “Diablo’s Downtown Lounge”, a cool venue, right in the heart of the downtown college scene.  Afterwards we discovered a great 24-hr. Mexican Restaurant; ‘Muchas Gracias’!  They had fantastic portions and great prices, and a café-style dining menu.  It reminded us of ones back home, only without servers.

Then we made our way up to Portland, OR, where we had scheduled at last to meet some old friends of mine, Shayna and Keith Bowman!  I went to High School with Shayna, and sang in choirs with her, etc.; and Keith, the band knew from College, etc.  It was a warm welcome to see them again, especially after months and months of interaction with strangers and unfamiliar places (besides Santa Cruz).  They cooked for us and let us stay in their home where, at last……….another shower!  Actually we took as many showers there as possible!!!!  And they let us do laundry, which we were in great need of!  Thanks SO much, Keith and Shayna!!!!!!

In downtown Portland, we played a place called “The Red Room”.  Shayna and Keith both came out to the show, and brought a few friends!  There we enjoyed a great show, with a warm welcome and hearty interest in our music…….as well as a little dancing during the show! 😉 We also met a few great local acts who performed with us, one being the band ‘Lowenbad’, a soulful alternative band with a female lead singer.  All in all, it was great fun and one of the best shows on the tour!

After Portland, we made our way to Seattle, WA; where we were scheduled to play a place called “The Skylark Club”.  There we were also received with a great response, and the audience and bands enjoyed our music very much (I think just about every member of the other bands bought c.d.’s ;), and the other local Seattle bands were great as well! 

During our time in Seattle, we got to stay with a family friend, Debbie Pope; a local University school teacher, and cat-lover!  In her house she had 7 cats; all well-behaved and cuddly, with only one name I remember:  Rocky Balboa, a chubby and dark-striped male cat, with plenty of spunk!  She let us stay in her place for a couple of nights, and since we had a day off, I then took Jenny out for her birthday to downtown Seattle, where we enjoyed walking around the city, Benihana’s, as well as Pike’s Place Starbucks, a local favorite!  Debbie also gave us lots of food and help on local things to do, not to mention all the nearest Starbucks locations; of which she was very much addicted to their coffee, as am I!  It was great fun and we really appreciate everything; thanks again Debbie!!!!

(Left:  Jenny & I in downtown Seattle……..Right:  Rocky Balboa)

After leaving Debbie’s (sadly L) and Seattle, we played shows in the greater Seattle area including Tacoma, WA @ The Mandolin Café (fantastic food and Pumpkin Spice Lattes!); as well as Bremerton, WA @ AFU Gallery.  We also got to see glimpses of the great Mt. Rainier; as we made our way east toward Spokane.  The mountains were beautiful there and the scenery breath-taking! (besides the cloudiness and rain…)  And the trees were at their peak of changing all around WA.  Then, arriving in Spokane after a long day of travel, we played a show with some great bands @ a place called “The Cretin Hop”, a punk-style all-ages venue; where T.C., the manager hooked us up with some liter-sized Arizona sweet teas, not to mention a great crowd and lots of new fans as well!!!!!


(Left:  Mt. Rainier, WA………..Right:  Right:  On the way to Spokane, WA)


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