Northwest Territory: Montana, Yellowstone, & The Great Plains


After Spokane, we entered the longest and most spread-out parts of our Touring. We took a couple of days to get to our next stop; Bozeman, MT, where we played a local coffee shop called “The Leaf & Bean”. To our surprise and delight, one of our friends from Reno, NV showed up; Theodore! He was planning on moving out to Bozeman, but wasn’t sure when exactly, yet we were thrilled that he arrived out there just in time to see our show! It was great to see Teddy again, and he let us stay in his condo on a ski resort, where he’ll be managing the slopes in Big Sky, MT, just north of Yellowstone National Park. It was beautiful up there, and we arrived just in time to miss any big snow.


After a hearty breakfast of fresh fruit, coffee and egg and pepper-jack broccoli burritos (I know it sounds gross, but it tasted amazing!) made by Teddy, we left sadly after the peaceful and beautiful retreat. From Spokane, WA to Billings, MT has got to be some of the most breathtaking mountain landscape we’ve ever seen, and we enjoyed viewing every minute of it! Throughout that whole region, it was just mountain range after golden valley after mountain range…..everywhere you looked it seemed like a postcard! We had the next show cancel on us in Billings, MT; but we had such a ways to go that we ended up driving there and spending the night at another WalMart anyways. The air started to get colder and colder, that night reaching 17 degrees! Yet it was dry and windy, so we didn’t feel it as bad as if we were back east.


After Montana, we headed into North and South Dakota including; “Latitude 44” (a nice listening room with great atmosphere) in Sioux Falls, SD, “Project Noise” (they gave us great pizzas!) in Bismarck, ND, and “The Nestor Tavern” in Fargo, ND. All of these places were great, but spread out very far across the high Plains, and so we were pretty worn out from driving all day between everything. I’d say our best show was in Fargo, at The Nestor Tavern, where we were surprised with a warm welcome (despite the dropping temperatures and drizzling rain) and great support/merch sales! Just about everyone in the band local band Venus In Furs (whom we opened for) bought a cd, and had us sign it…..something we’re still not used to, even though it’s happened before…All in all, we made some more great friends and fans, and we hope to return soon; though it’s tough to get to these far-away places! And we were lucky enough to miss rough western weather and snowstorms across the high mountains and plains…….but not for long!



~ by jettisonnever on November 4, 2009.

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