The West Coast: Circling The Bay Area & NorCal

Hello again fans, friends and family of Jettison Never!

Our next stop after Reno was San Jose, CA, the southern end of the ‘Bay Area’, what they call the bay surrounding San Francisco. We had an extra day due to the cancellation of our show in Sacramento, so we ended up just driving straight through from Reno to San Jose. Now, if you’ve heard anything about our last tour, you would know that we made almost daily stops on the east coast at Panera Bread ™ Cafés, for internet, cheap throw-away bread, and dumpster-dives…After being sick of Panera stops for quite some time, we purposely avoided them this fall for the most part….until now. We decided to spend the day in San Jose at yet another Panera Bread! (yippeeeee!) Then we headed to the show downtown at a place called “Mission Ale House”. We were scheduled also for an interview/taping there with a girl named Denver, who promotes local as well as touring bands for her weekly nights and online interviews/videos with ‘Deez Nitze Productions’. The interview went well, and we also got a taping of some of our live set inside Mission Ale House as well. We enjoyed a good crowd, and a much-welcomed night of promoting our music. Thanks Denver!

After that we traveled to Santa Cruz, one of our favorite cities! It’s beautiful there, and the people are laid-back and easy-going. When we got into town, we went straight to one of our favorite restaurants in the US, Santa Cruz Diner. In town, we were scheduled to play a show a one of our favorite places; “The Abbey”. It’s a nice coffeehouse full of vintage furniture, relaxed atmosphere…and the coffee is awesome with a hint of sweetness; made by local baristas, ‘Verve Coffee Roasters’. We hung out there for a while, and got to chill also with our friend, Bennett, who is in charge of managing the music/events that go on at The Abbey. Bennett had to give us the sad news earlier on our tour that The Abbey was having some ‘sound ordinance’ issues, and had to cease music events for the time being…..unfortunately this happened right before our scheduled show! We were quite bummed for not being able to play; but Bennett still treated us right and helped us out including free coffee from The Abbey, as well as booking us at a local bar/restaurant called “99 Bottles” for the night we were in town. It was a good show, thanks again for everything Bennett!

(Above: no, it’s not a rat in a tree……it’s really a black squirrel we saw in Santa Cruz!)

After a night in Santa Cruz, we headed to San Francisco. We were geared up for 3 nights in San Fran., in hopes of continuing to build a good fan-base there. It ended up being a little gloomy because of the weather, which was everything from a coastal drizzle to a torrent that lasted nearly a full day. However, the ugliness of ‘San Fran’ said nothing of the people there, which we’ve come to enjoy being around and respect! First we played at a popular downtown Irish pub called “Ireland’s 32”. We didn’t know what to expect, but the show ended up going very well, and we had lots of fun meeting lots of new people (some with Irish accents 😉 and enjoyed some lamb stew made by the bar’s cook, Frederick. Also, surprise of all surprises, we learned that our friend Mel from Annex Project happened to be in town, and she ended up coming by Ireland’s to see us!!!! It honestly turned out to be a real fun night, full of surprises!

The next night we played at “Retox Lounge” for a live and local S.F. broadcast called ‘Noise Chek’. They air it on a local t.v. station, and it includes live performance video as well as some great press photos taken by a photographer named Aviva. It was yet another great chance to promote our music around town. Then we were scheduled @ “Grant & Green Saloon” the following night, where we were met by a bustling street crowd and lots of enthusiastic San Fran. locals, eager for live music. Grant & Green was small, but well-known by locals, and we enjoyed a well-received performance. We had a bit of difficulty getting there because the Bay Bridge into the city from Oakland was at stand-still traffic, and is the only way into San Fran. coming from where we had hung out at yet another Panera outside the city that day. But we made it just in time, and caught a few songs of the opening local band, ‘Cactus Mouth’, who delivered a great sound. Another shout-out to them for playing with us, as well as Scott (booker/mgmt. for Grant & Green) for hooking us up with the fun show. Thanks again!



Then as we left the great San Francisco, we crossed the great Golden Gate Bridge and up Hwy. 101 into CA’s beautiful wine country! The trip up to our next stop, Eureka, CA, was met by everything from rolling hills with valleys laced with beautiful wineries, to beautiful coastal mountains filled with……at last….the great Redwoods! We had seen a few smaller ones before, down close to Santa Cruz earlier this year, but it was nothing like this! The Redwoods outside of Eureka and beyond were breath-taking; massive trees towering the sides of the road and the coastline like great pillars, with ferns and moss-covered trees covering the undergrowth beneath. It was a truly spectacular and picturesque view from all sides! And once in Eureka, we played at a place called “The Red Lion”, a small bar with a great and friendly atmosphere, and managed by the laid-back, crab-fisherman, surfer-dude Pat. (whom we envied for spending most of his life in Hawaii….) We had a great time playing there, and were very well-received and wish the other bands who played with us luck as well. Thanks again Pat and everyone at The Red Lion!



(Top left: Napa Valley in CA…Top right: coastal Mtn. view…Bottom left: the beginning of Redwood National Park, smaller redwoods at sunset…Bottom right: is that Bigfoot?)

Up next; Northwest Territory: The Coastal Lands of OR & WA


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