Into The West: From The Great Plains to The Rockies

Greetings fans, friends and family of Jettison Never!
Biblical David wrestling a tiger...Oklahoma/Kansas plains
(Left: crazy “King David” statue….Right: OK/KS….the same thing for miles!)
Next on our list was Oklahoma City after Dallas. We enjoyed a scenic and very windy journey through the plains. It was so windy and breezy going north from TX, that it was hard to stay in a straight line on the interstate! If the ‘po-po’ would’ve been watching, we might’ve had to stop and walk the line…..But once we arrived in Oklahoma City we played at a place called “Sauced”. Sauced wasn’t all about what you might think the name would imply….actually Sauced was more of a laid-back café, including some fantastic NY-style pizzas, coffee, and desserts. The pizzas were huge and awesome, and you guessed it; we ate 2! We ended up playing another acoustic show…because of sound system issues….and it actually turned out to be a great show! We met some great people including a girl named Nichole, who let us stay at her house afterwards, including the rewards of a much-needed shower in the morning. You could only imagine the stench of 3 smelly, sweaty guys after about a week since LA. Big shout out to her: ‘thanks again, Nichole!!!!’
Moonlight on the Texas country
Oklahoma sunset
Then we headed onward to Kansas. Now if you ever thought IL/IN/NS/MO were boring to drive through…..think again! KS has got to be the most boring landscape in all of the U.S.! But the sky on the other hand, is a different story. OK/KS sky has got to be some of the most beautiful yet, because of the obvious breadth of horizon. (no trees=’big sky’!) And there were storms on the horizon while we drove, and tons of wind shaking us back and forth; yet we didn’t run into any weather trouble thankfully, only a little nausea! 😉 And then we got to Wichita, our next stop; at a place called “Wichita Mosaic”. We knew it would be an interesting gig, and didn’t expect much, and if you know anything about us and the band, you know we’ll play just about anywhere! Yet, though the place was small, we had a great time and we met some great people there, including Mike Furches who runs the place, and his family. Mike actually moved out to Wichita from Johnson City, TN; and we enjoyed sharing fellow TN stories and experiences from a true fellow southerner! Mike also is quite the movie critic, and we enjoyed discussing/critiquing different movies. They let us stay at their house after the gig (a house where 2/3 of it is underground out in the countryside; utilizing a semi-‘geo-thermal’ energy design), and gave us breakfast including farm-fresh eggs, fresh fruit, and fresh coffee! And shock of all shocks, we got another shower again!!!!! (wait, isn’t that two days in a row?!?!?) It was wonderful and refreshing.
Pueblo desert
Bluff in Pueblo, CO
(From Top to Bottom: the Scrublands of KS/CO……a bluff north of Pueblo)

Next we made the long trek out to Pueblo, CO (which is about 7 hrs. from Wichita…..but the only town westward of KS!), and a long and tiring journey it was. It was crazy seeing the plains turn into sort of a desert, a dry and arid sort of scrubland. And then off in the distance, you could see from the highway the mountains of Pike’s Peak poke out on the horizon in the sunset. In Pueblo, we performed at a coffee shop called; “The Daily Grind”. There we had a great time and met some more new friends including a young college girl named Maggie; who was in school for voice and opera. She enjoyed our singing and our songs, which was an honor to us. As we talked to her about both mine and Matt’s classical music backgrounds, she mentioned to us that she will get to sing in a choir in Denver, that is going to be conducted by one of our favorite modern Choral composers; Eric Whitacre! Matt and I were ecstatic; and wished Maggie luck with that much envied, upcoming gig; as well as best of luck in all of her Voice career to come!

Downtown Denver, CO
(From Top to Bottom: the view from Colorado Springs….Downtown Denver)

After the scrubland and stucco ‘pueblo’ style houses of Pueblo, we began to see more of the mountains coming into Denver. In Denver we played a place called; “Casselman’s Bar & Venue”, where we ended up doing another acoustic show. The place has a 1,000 person capacity room, but we ended up playing next to the front bar, where we had a decent local, skiing/snowboarding type crowd venture in and out. Though we were a little sad not to play the huge, nice concert hall; it ended up being a fun gig anyways, and opened up doors for coming back in the future. Casselman’s was great, and the staff there treated us very well! They also gave us some great food, including a tasty pepper-jack cheeseburger.
Bison valley west of Denver
Rocky Mtn. National Park

(Top: Bison roaming the valley above Denver…Others: Rocky Mt. National Park)

But though we entered into some of the most beautiful parts of CO/UT next, we began some tough times and a very tough journey further out west. Our show in Grand Junction, CO got cancelled…..without our knowledge! And to top it all off, we drove to the venue and there was no sign of the promoter… was a rough couple of days. Then we drove to Park City, UT (where they held the Winter Olympics); which was also a very beautiful trek. However, that gig was also cancelled without notifying us!!!! Yet, Somer, the manager for “The Listening Room”, ended up paying us $ for the mistake and for our troubles. Thanks Somer!

(From Top to Bottom: Grand Junction, CO at the base of the Colorado River…Near Bryce Canyon, UT…Giant windmills turn energy atop the Wasatch Mts., above SLC, UT…Provo Canyon, Provo, UT…)

And then, after an all-night 8 hr. journey across the UT and NV desert, we FINALLY arrived at Reno, NV; where we enjoyed playing for our friends at “Studio On 4th”! We had a great show, and it was great to see our friends out there again. And a BIG, BIG shout-out and thanks to the soundguy Chris for letting us stay at his house in Reno…and you guessed it; providing us with yet another much-needed shower! Thanks Chris!!!!
Up next:
Stay tuned for the next Blog; The West Coast: Circling The Bay Area
-Josh, Jettison Never


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