The Gulf Coast: Down on our favorite Bayou…to the Lone Star State!

Hello friends and fans of Jettison Never!

It’s been a while since our last blog; but that’s because we’ve had quite a few complications…..

Shortly after our North Carolina leg of our Fall Tour (Sept.),
all of us became extremely ill……..bed-ridden to be exact!!!

I (Josh) got the worst of it.
The flu was horrible including the worst symptoms.
Then my wife Jennifer, who came with us again, got it almost as bad.
Then Matt got it in a lesser form, until all of us were sick in the van.
Ben didn’t get it so bad until after we got home.

To sum it up, we had to cancel about a week’s worth of dates, and had to
go back home and stay in bed until we got better.

It was awful!

Then finally we got just well-enough to continue the tour just in time.

Sky over New Orleans Bay

(sky shot over New Orleans Bay)

The closest and next stop that we could make was Houma, Louisiana.
Man, it was hot and humid for the last weekend of September;
with temps reaching the 90’s still………I sweated out like a sauna while playing!
But we still had a blast as always!
There we got to see our good friend Jaime DeBona again, and play a couple of great clubs in downtown Houma for the weekend; including ever-popular The Balcony & The Brickhouse!

It was a lot of fun! And Jaime really hooked us up while we were there.
Thanks again, Jaime!
Sunset over downtown Houma

(Sunset over downtown Houma)

A new favorite  Raising Canes Chicken Fingers!!!!!

(A new favorite: Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers!)

Leaving Houma, we stopped at a local place called:
Cajun Charlie’s! It was an awesome Cajun buffet; some of the best
Bayou food we’ve ever had!
(No offense, Jaime; your Chicken & Sausage Gumbo is still the best!:)

Then it was on to Texas.
Downtown Houston skyline

(Houston skyline)

Our first stop was in Houston, where we enjoyed some great Mocha Frappe’s!
Matt enjoying a Frappe in Houston.

And then on to the ever-musical Austin!
Horse statue in front of The Brickhouse, Houma, LA

(mini-horse statue)

We made a lot of great new friends in Austin @ a place called Headhunter’s.
Even though the place was small, we got a great response and sold some c.d.’s./made great new fans.
They also got us some pizza from next-door-neighbors; Hoboken Pie!
The pizza was great, and it was huge! A 20” pie!

Then we trekked back to Shreveport, Louisiana to one of our favorite places;
Mojo’s Downtown!
We had great fun there, as always, and played the night away from 1:00a.m. until 4:00 a.m.!!!!!
(crazy šŸ˜‰

After that, we drove to Dallas, TX to play at one of our favorite coffee joints;
Opening Bell Coffee! We enjoyed playing a “full-‘cousti” set to our biggest crowd yet there, and had a great time….
(don’t hesitate to ask us what “full-‘cousti” means….we have coined the term…)

When we left the next day, we enjoyed some Reese Klondike bars………
a flavor that we’ve never had, before our journey into the midwest!
What would Josh do for a Reeses Klondike?
What would Ben do for a Reeses Klondike?
What would Matt do for a Reeses Klondike?
Stay tuned for more updates about our Midwest and Southwest leg;
coming soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


~ by jettisonnever on October 12, 2009.

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