North Carolina’s at it again…

Greetings to you!

North Carolina is one of the most beautiful states in the Union! We get to see a lot of her splendor as we drive from town to town. The mist on the mountains, the vibrant sunsets, the eastern coastline, and the dense forests work together to inspire even the most calloused of observers. Traveling this great state is always a privilege and a pleasure.

In all of North Carolina, one of our favorite cities is Chapel Hill! The students of UNC are always walking the streets and perusing the bars and venues along the strip. Saturday night was our third time in the city this year, and the same venue as well! Jack Sprat Cafe is a really cool place to experience a rockin’ show! Great food and a full bar accompany an array of interesting independent artists and bands. In our past nights there, we’ve made a few friends and many of them came out to see us that night! Again, we were faced with new and unexpected dance moves to songs we never thought would get them! Our slower tempo ballad song, “Don’t Go It Alone” soon to appear (hopefully) on a new album in the near future (Again…hopefully), was joined with slow dancing couples all throughout the place.

Altogether an incredibly fun evening! We finally sold completely out of our cds that night as well, and when Jen noticed we were out of small black t-shirts she asked me (Matt) to go get some more from the trailer. That usually wouldn’t be a problem of course, however the van and trailer were parked over half a mile away! So I took off at a run from the venue to the van and parked it in the fire lane out front. I didn’t have keys to the trailer, so I had to run in and borrow Josh’s. By the time I got the extra shirts into Jack Sprat, the people who were buying the shirts left! Oh well…

After the show, we went to a local diner place called Time Out. We heard about it from Man Vs. Food on Food Network. They have this huge cheddar cheese and fried chicken biscuit! Of course, they are open 24 hours a day 365 days a year. After waiting in a huge line that went outside the door, we got our biscuits. Very worth the wait! Amazing! We will definitely go back again next time we’re in town!

We had Sunday off to laze around and use the internet at various Panera Breads. We went next to Raleigh, NC. In the heart of downtown is a place called Slim’s. The only way to load in was through the front door, and that was a bus stop. Needless to say, we had to hurry and unload faster than we ever had so we didn’t get in the next bus’s way. Not 30 seconds after Ben pulled the van and trailer away, the bus zoomed into its spot. The other band, 100 Yorktown’s singer was really sick, so we were the only band to play for the evening. It was still a fun night though and definitely a cool area of town!

Greensboro here we come! But that’s not until next blog! Tune in next time to hear about how we tamed the Blind Tiger! Thanks for joining us again and listening to our stories. We hope you’ve enjoyed the pictures. We’d like to thank Jen for taking the live shots! Finally, we have someone to take pictures while we play! Well, that’s all for us. Until next time,

-Jettison Never


~ by jettisonnever on September 16, 2009.

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