The Saga Continues…

Hello again from the never ending road!

Our southeast portion of this leg have been going well! Greenbrier and Memphis went well! We seem to be making more and more fans in our home state! Memphis is especially cool! Soul is so strongly infused into the culture and music scene. It is refreshing to see such a mix of genres work well!

After a few more days back home due to cancellations, we headed into South Carolina! One of Lexington’s coolest venues, The Elbow Room, welcomed us into the state with an incredibly fun night of rock, and indeed a little bit of roll as well! We met a lot of cool people and possibly even made some fans…but more importantly friends! Definitely plan on going back there! Next on our hit list was of course, Myrtle Beach! Fresh Brewed Coffee House has become a staple of the Jettison Never Carolina tour experience!! This evening was an exception only in the overwhelmingly enthusiastic response we received! The crowd was definitely there for a rock show! They were clapping along without even being prompted! Sporadic dance routines were sprouting up all around! We have never sold that many cds at a single show before! In fact, we have to order some more so that we’ll actually have enough to sell over the next few days! Certainly, friends and fans were made that night!

If you’ve not noticed the lack of photos in this particular blog, this mention is sure to remedy that. We’ve been having camera battery troubles lately, but we have it all figured out now! So be looking for more glimpses of the worlds we travel in the blogs to come! If you’re wondering where we are headed next, check out our tour schedule on myspace. We love all our friends and family and can’t wait to see you all again soon! Until next blog,

–Jettison Never


~ by jettisonnever on September 12, 2009.

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