09′ Hello Angels…Hello Dangers Tour Home

Greetings JN Fans,

We have begun our tour home in a round about way! Our first show was in Santa Clara California at Barefoot Coffee! Barefoot was a pretty cool place, it was kinda of a smaller cafe type venue so the show was acoustic (Ben sighs). . . But as always Josh and Matt did a wonderful job!! We ended up meeting some really cool people, the employees and patrons! The talented employees were creating some awesome coffee “paintings”.We really enjoyed the coffee for its flavor as well! Overall this evening was a good way to start off the tour home!

The next evening we played at Henflings Tavern. Henflings was more or less a biker bar which was located in the mountains in Ben Lomond California. We opened up the night with a pretty good crowd!! We actually had a new friend from the night before come out to see our “rock” show after seeing our acoustic show! This was huge to us!! We all thought it was super cool that our new friend from the night before came out to our next show. We were glad to be able to play our rock show, and come to find out we were received very well!! The 3 bands that were to follow us and their friends loved our show and thought we were all 3 very talented musicians, which was such a big compliment! We enjoyed the other bands, but also had some crazy crowd members poke and hit at some of us!!

“The Abbey”
Santa Cruz California was the next stop on our tour. The Abbey where we played that night was actually about 20 min from the day before. We got to The Abbey the night before ha ha. We tend to show up early to most of our shows lol, too early!! But lucky for us it was open by the time we woke up. Josh and I decided to go in a introduce ourselves and become acquainted with the venue and the employees. Matt on the other hand decided to keep up with his running routine and ran down to the beach. During his time at the beach he played a game or two of doubles volleyball. While Matt played volleyball, Josh and I worked on some online work for the band.
Later that day we met Bennet. Bennet was the gentleman that booked for The Abbey. Bennet was a really nice guy, and all 4 of us struck up some very good conversations! Around the time the show was supposed to start 2 of our awesome friends walked in! The Graffs!! It was so good to see them, friends that we hadn’t just met!! ha ha We had a wonderful dinner with them, and had some good conversations. Thanks guys!

Thanks to all you JN fans for reading and keeping up with us, we greatly appreciate it!!



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