Our time in Sierra Madre(Pasadena) California… Writing, Workin and some Acoustic shows..

Hello readers,

I believe we left you guys last in Texas?! Anyways that was the last place that we played before heading to Sierra Madre/ Pasadena California. After our “show” in El Paso got canceled, we decided to head to our Management/Artist Development teams house in Pasadena. This was actually quite a drive ha ha around 11 1/2 hour drive… Which most of that was driven by Ben at night, lets say at least 7 1/2 hours worth!! Anyways, we actually arrived at the house at the same time our manager Mike did, how crazy! So we finally arrived to our “home” for a month!! The house actually belonged to the other half of our team, Mel. Mels parents allowed us to invade their home for a little over a month! They are the a true form of hospitality!! They were so awesome the entire time! On multiple occasions they either made or bought us food; Incredible!

The majority of our time there was spent on writing and pre-producing some material for our new album!! We’re not 100% sure when we will be recording it but we’ve got some pretty good ideas!! All of us are really excited about the songs we have thus far! We still have some stuff to come up with but that will happen over time…
Other than writing and such, we had a couple of acoustic shows in and around our area. Most if not all of the shows ended up being just Josh and Matt and on occasion Ben with some small percussion stuff… But all in all the shows went great and we were able to push our new acoustic Unassembled EP!!
OH!! Yeah and can not forget that we were able to get some haircuts and new band photos while we were out there too!!

During some of our down time we were able to go and visit some of our greatest friends in Ventura/Thousand Oaks Cali. The Sharps have been such an amazing family to us!! Almost like blood!! We got to go and visit and hang out with them and some of our other friends Jonny and Val!! We all had such a good time playing games and visiting!!
And on top of all of the many things the Sharps have done for us, they gave us a Mac PowerBook G4!!! HOLY CRAP! That was soooooo awesome of them, and it has been super useful and helpful!! Thank you guys sooooooooo much! We love you Dean & Christina!!

We have left our “home” in Pasadena and are now back on the road!! It’s as if we never stopped! Lol
We’re on our way home in a round about way making our way up north hitting northern parts of California, entering into Utah and Nevada before heading back south to Texas, Louisiana and Florida!! We will keep you up on our journey home, it might be hit or miss on home frequent the blogs are because we have a show everyday until we get home on the 22nd. So with that in mind, we thank everybody that reads this and keeps up with us!!

We love you all!!!

Jettison Never


~ by jettisonnever on April 5, 2009.

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