Everything’s big…& long in Texas…

So we’re making our way through Texas.

One thing we’ve noticed when driving through here from time to time is that the road is long, and the time between seeing civilization & desert……..even longer………
But that won’t hinder our trek!

In Dallas, TX we played first at a place called Opening Bell Coffee. This was an acoustic show, w/drums & bass. It was a great place to play; a cool place to chill out. They had great coffee and food, but unfortunately we didn’t really have time to partake in any of it. There were a few people who had heard about us and they listened to our music online, and they came out to see us! Way cool, thanks so much! There weren’t that many people there, but we had fun anyways.
And unfortunately we didn’t have much time to stay there, because the road is long.
But also because Josh did a number on the bathroom in Taco Bell……
And water was leaking out into the restaurant……….
And so we left in a hurry………..

….But anyways,
In College Station, TX @ The Junction we had fun playing with another band; The Jolly Roger Trio! They played some good John Mayer Trio covers…practically sounded just like them! A cool place, but people started to leave when we started playing……bummer. We had fun anyways. Unfortunately there was a big show right next door, where there was a bar…..people were lined up outside! And also the other bands who were supposed to play with us cancelled…..Oh well! A big thanks to all those who stayed and listened to us, though, we appreciate everything!

In Houston we played at a ‘hip’ cafe called Bohemeos. We had a blast playing with a band called The Sidneys! They wrote some pretty good songs, a breath of fresh air on our adventures. And a big thanks for their support of us as well! We had a blast there with the crowd & the show went really well, being that it was an afternoon show. There was actually a pretty good crowd, just chilling and hanging out. And to top it all off, Lupe the Manager fed us well, some awesome tortilla pizzas, and drinks and coffee……It was fantastic! Much thanks to his hospitality! We stayed and hung out until the evening, whereupon a cover group came to play for that night……Jesse Fuentes! He and his lady friend sang some classics w/ his rockin’ keyboard! It was crazy because they gave props to us as well, even though it was a while after we had played, they still announced us as ‘the touring band’! Big shout out to them. And surprises of all surprises, some moms who were there took sympathy on us and gave us a $50 check, just for being ‘the band’!!!! Whoa, crazy!!!!!

We then traveled to Austin, where we slept in yet another walmart lot. No worries, though! At least it wasn’t hot yet, the Texas weather wasn’t all that bad. And Austin was great; a cool, music-friendly town. We had a little snag in the hotel we were staying at, but we finally got our room stuff worked out, thankfully. Thanks Mel!!!!! (From Annex Projekt) You’re the best!!!!! And boy did we need a good-night’s rest and for sure showers. We were in desperate need of them badly; we were pretty slimy! However, in all actuality, we didn’t get much sleep that night, because we were too excited about Good Day Austin, the Morning T.V. show we performed on the next morning. But despite the 3 hours of sleep, we were perked-up and ready @ 6 a.m. And they told us we were the earliest band that’s ever come through their show! The staff was great, and we had a lot of fun (even though it was early); and no stress! It was great. Needless to say, we treated ourselves to a good breakfast afterwards 😉

After Austin, we traveled to El Paso………which took about a day………
Man, Texas is long……..But we’re listening to some audiobooks, including ‘The Hobbit’….
So we took the road through the desert, the long scary part, where there’s not a thing for miles and miles and miles and miles…….and if there’s any sort of dwelling or sheds on the hills, it looks pretty scary (like, think ‘the hills have eyes’…stuff).
And so we arrive in El Paso (half of which is Mexican, half of which Texan),
staying in a wal-mart parking lot; but it wasn’t half bad.

What sucked was the next day we arrived at the coffee shop we were going to play at, Kristoph’s Coffees, and the guy who booked us wasn’t there…and ‘surprise!’, there’s no sound system, nor did he tell us that there wasn’t one…….the only name he gave us was ‘shotty’, which rang true to its meaning………but that’s allright, ’cause the guy there gave us some free coffee and latte’s, and we just decided to head on. We coulda’ lost our cool, but we kept it chill, no matter what; ’cause it was a small place anyways. But thanks to the bar guy for making us some ‘Iced Lattes’, and for his hospitality.

Thanks for reading!


~ by jettisonnever on March 8, 2009.

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