Down by the Bayou

Good day everyone,

We have made it to our next state. We are currently in Louisiana, our first stop was in a town called Houma. We were scheduled to play at a place called Good Times Tavern! While we’re there we met some amazing people, among those people was a gentleman by the name Jamie. Jaime, besides being the booker and bartender, was an all around good guy. When we arrived there he welcomed us with open arms! He helped us load in and everything, he even got us some Pizza! How crazy.. Everyone there was amazing… The show went great and Jamie even invited us back to his house to stay and even shower!! WOW was that GREAT( we needed that ha ha)!! The next day Jamie makes us some of his AMAZING Gumbo!!! OMG was it good. We got to meet his fiance and their 14 month old son Blaze. We told him we knew another Blaze back home! Jamie and his family were so hospitable, they even like I said let us shower, and then let us do our laundry!!! They were very helpful and let us know about how to handle the next day in New Orleans! Jamie and his family had suffered the effects of Katrina, they were still remodeling their home so we got to see first hand real people that had been hit with some bad luck, our hearts go out to all those whose lives were changed by Katrina and all the ones after her. Thank you so much Jamie if you’re reading this, we love you and your family! We cant wait to come and visit again!!

Next day comes, this is our 2nd day and our 1st time ever in New Orleans! We are scheduled to play at this venue called The Circle Bar. We found out the night before that where the venue was located on St Charles Ave was part of the business district of downtown. We arrive at The Circle Bar which is located on part of a little roundabout ha ha Kinda where the name came from I guess. We were supposed to play in this suupppeeerrrr small area. The only thing I knew to compare it to would be my grandmas living room. There was supposed to be enough room for all of our stuff and for people to come in and listen!! Well we were able to figure it all out, we played and tried our best to get all of our stuff out of the way for the next band. We had to load in and out of this tiny little outside hallway/ ally way: Ridiculous.

Our very last day in the great state of Louisiana was shared with some amazing people in the city of Shreveport. We played at this club/bar called Mo Jo’s, very cool place. We played with 3 other artists, and come to find out Mo Jo’s hours of business are from 9 p.m. to 6a.m.. So the show wasn’t going to start till 10 or so and we were supposed to play at 12 or 12:30. Well that was all and good with us we guessed, we were pretty iffy and doubtful about a crowd rolling in some time after we started playing. The bartenders told us that people would start coming in at 1 or even 2, we said,” ok we’ll believe it when we see it ha ha!!” We said that to ourselves… We were pleasantly surprised that they were right, a pretty good crowd actually rolled in!!! As we were about to be done playing more people came in and we announced our last song and people started screaming, “No NO PLEASE PLAY MORE, PLAY MORE!!!!” That caught us of guard a little bit ha ha. But we didn’t want to upset the crowd so we played as many other songs as we could!! We ended up playing till almost 3!! After we played we met two awesome people that we hung out with for the rest of the evening/morning! ha ha We met Chris and Amanda, Amanda actually bar-tends at Mo Jo’s. Most of the time they said they drop some of their stuff off and go bar hopping, but both of them said they heard the music from the front door and said they had to stay and listen!! What an honor that was to hear! That made our night! They both bought some merch which was amazing and on top of that they even got us some pizza!!! WTF! Chris and Amanda holy crap, thanks so much for everything, we are soooooo glad we got to meet you guys. We hope to see you again soon!!! It also seemed like Chris, a different guy, the bartender actually/sound guy enjoyed us as well. And he said that he would love to have us back and he said he would do his best to promote the show like crazy and even try and get some radio play!! What!? uh ok sounds amazing ha ha!!! SWEET

All in all we have had a tremendous experience in Louisiana, we have never felt more at home with a bunch of strangers then we did in LA. Thanks to everybody we met and we can’t wait to come back and do it all over again!!

As for everyone reading this, we can’t thank you enough either. It means so much to us to have people interested in what we are doing!! Everyone at home we love you and miss you!!!

Ben Matt Josh


~ by jettisonnever on February 19, 2009.

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