Voxtropolis 2009

Hello everyone,

Voxtropolis is something we do every year, this is the 3rd year I believe. Some of our good friends are involved with this, and set up a music part. The World Music Jam is what we played for on Lake Eola in Orlando FL. We were privileged to share that stage at Relax Grill( The Cafe type place on the lake we played at, which by the way, the food was amazing!!!) Anyways we performed with an array of artists that were all great!! We even got to join Ericatronic on a song of hers, she is amazing and we hope to tour with her one day!! We played Friday night, which was freezing cold!! ha ha. And then we played on Saturday as well, during the day it was gorgeous!!! While we were at Relax Cafe a nice lady that enjoyed our music which she heard across the lake haha, she informed us that America was playing a little later right down the road!! How awesome is that?! All of us were too tired to go but we thought it was super cool they were in town as well… Matt and I went to the local 7eleven and got some goodies( in the form of some awesome Voltage Mountain Dew slushies) And Josh and Jennifer went and walked around and had a nice dinner. The next day we had to say good bye to Jennifer :/. Sad day… That day we also went over to the McManus’s for a viewing of THE DARK KNIGHT!!! SOOO much fun, and after we watched the Grammy’s ha ha. There were a couple of performances that we enjoyed… but yeah its just the Grammy’s haha.

Monday is when we had to leave Orlando…:( We were sad but also glad to move on to the next city, we miss ALL of our friends in Orlando!! Our next stop was in Tampa at a cool bar downtown called Kelly’s Pub. We show up and are informed that since there was a huge “party” if you would call it that involving the whole city that weekend prior, there probably wouldn’t be a very big crowd. So since Steve, the bar manager was such a cool guy, we were able to reschedule for the next day. Super awesome, and we appreciate it sooo much! So we go back to the place we were given to stay. Thanks to our new friend Debbie, which we met in Orlando at VOX, she had an awesome place for us to sleep. We also were given food!! ha ha Debbie was so cool she let us stay there until we had to leave on Wednesday!! Way too cool Debbie!!!

We leave Tampa and make our way to Gainesville to play at The Backstage Lounge. This place was pretty cool, good sized venue, but come to find out they didnt wanna put up our flyers… oh well I guess, we tried! That show went kinda sour.. but hey we have had some chances to meet some new faces and new artists! Which we did last night!!

And as I’m typing this we are in Tallahassee playing at The Engine Room. We are playing with some very talented bands, one of which we found out that they are going to the same next couple of stops as us..ha ha how random. That band by the way is Farewell Flight! We’re looking forward to hearing and watching them perform!

As always, I thank all of you that read this jumbled mess I try and call a blog! šŸ˜‰
On behalf of the rest of the guys, we love you all!!!
Ben Matt Josh
Jettison Never


~ by jettisonnever on February 13, 2009.

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