Getting back from a break…

It has been a good couple of days off… We have kinda slacked on blogging and have been called out on it!! We arrived in FL on monday and have been here ever since. We stayed with some of our “family”/ friends the McManus’s!!!! We love them to life… We come down every year to play and listen at the VOX World Music Jam, this has been the 3rd year we have been able to and enjoy the company of friends and excellent artists.

Most of the week was spent chillin and relaxing at the McManus’s house. They let us crash at their house and we even took over an entire room ha ha. We took over their son Lucas’s room. By the way thanks so much Lucas..(ensoctoo right?!) inside joke ha ha. We spent some time looking for some musical equipment and so forth, and other times just enjoying the company of our friends!! Alex and Niza, the people we stayed with were and are sooooooo hospitable… They let us do laundry and stay clean haha. When ever we can get showers is how we are living right now!! 😉

This week we had a guest come down and stay with us.. Jennifer, Josh’s wife came down to hangout and have a good time with us… She’s super fun..(Matt and I pretty much claim her almost like a sister) we love her… But yeah so she came down and we all were able to enjoy each other… When she came down we were still at first staying with Alex and his family… so unfortunately Josh and Jen stayed in the van for that evening… Turns out some way or another the back window in our van, where the bench seat is near and one of our beds is… Josh ends up breaking/shattering the window!!! Ugh.. Not cool..oh well we forgive and love him anyways… But yeah, besides that.. Wednesday we come out to go play a show and we come out and see that one of our trailer tires is completely flat..This was the day before the window issue but anyways.. So now we had two things that need to be fixed… Sucked ‘A’! Sooooo, on thursday I believe Matt and I tried to find a place to fix the tire and the window. We found a place to fix the tire… we find out all it needed was a new valve stem…5 bucks, SWEET! We got that done, now time to figure out where we could fix the window… We called tons of places we stop by and even have people look at it… NO ONE can help us cause.. wait..oh yeah we have a custom dodge van… so we get to this one guy who thinks he might be able to help us…nope, ’cause its a custom. Well he couldn’t get the business but he was able to send us to a place which deals with custom stuff.. We finally find the place and talk to the guy and we figure out that they will be able to help us… but not till the following wednesday..UGH..whatever, we get it paid for..Over 600 dollars..but whatever thats beside the point..we can get it fixed and we will..THANK GOODNESS

Thats a lot of stuff to deal with… we’ll post another blog tomorrow about the weekend, shows, and other Incredible artists…

Thanks again to everyone that is reading, we love you and are loving the comments!! Talk to ya soon,
Ben Josh Matt
Jettison Never


~ by jettisonnever on February 9, 2009.

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