Change Of State…

It has been more than 3 days if there is anybody keeping up with our blogs ha ha… My mistake I(we) kinda lost track of time due to the change of state and such. We have been through North Carolina to South Carolina and Now in Florida. Oh boy do we have some stories about the past couple shows/days!!

I believe we left off with the next show to be in Chapel Hill, where we played at this super cool place called Jack Sprat Cafe. It was pretty much right on the main strip in front of the University. W/o sounding too upset, with it being so close to campus there was absolutely no parking anywhere, there was a parking garage right behind where we were but the van was too tall to fit ha ha! So we ended parking it about two miles away… not to far i guess.. but annoying.. Anyways we get there and find out that one of the bands had to cancel bc of the fact that their bassist shattered his wrist!!! Or so they said… But so it was now down to two bands… It was up to us and Midnite Sun to keep the night rocking!!! Midnite Sun started off the night with a bang and played really well, good originals and some pretty good covers… Then some unfortunate circumstances occurred… and we’ll move past those… if you wanna know more details message us and we’ll tell ya! 😉 We set up and played our hearts out, people really got into it.. we were even able to bring people in off of the sidewalk which was amazing and super encouraging!!! We were extended an invite to stay with the bar tender Ian and his brother Collin after we scarfed down some food from a local restaurant that stayed open till 4 on the weekends!!haha We were told that Chapel Hill is a town where people REALLY like to drink!!! We ended up just staying in our van that evening but GREATLY appreciated the offer to stay in Ian and Collins apartment, thanks so much guys for even letting us use your parking lot to sleep in!! You guys are awesome!

We left Chapel Hill and made our way to Myrtle Beach to play at Fresh Brewed Coffee House!! OMG!!! This place was OFF THE CHAIN!!! It was a good memory of an old place back home… We were able to share the stage with some awesome Musicians from PA and then with one of the most awesome bands ever!!!!! STRONG LIKE TIGER, these guys were absolutely incredible!! They put on such a good show, they were really tight and just really blew everyone away with an awesome set!!! It was such a privilege to play with you guys, we love you guys!!! YOU ROCK OUR SOCKS OFF!!!!!! Seriously you guys are truly an amazing band, keep it up. After the show we went with STRONG LIKE TIGER and friends to Denny’s to meal and visit he he… It was a great time with all of them….oooohhhh my goood times…

Ok so after the good times at Denny’s we went and found another Wal-Mart parking lot to park and sleep in ha ha then made our way to Lexington where we were blown away by our now good friend Calya Fralick!!! She is a fabulous musician! Her and a good friend of hers, Sandra, started off the night with some awesome original music… And during which she shared some interesting stories with everyone and later on we got the full story from her father!!!! Ha ha ha what a wonderful group of people. After the show Cayla’s dad invited us back to their home… funny story so the 1st address we had for The Watershed which was the place we played was actually Cayla’s address, it was the only address we were given in any of our e-mails so of course we thought it was the venues address.. wrong, it was the address to some house back in some subdivision so we had to go find some free wi-fi to figure out the correct address. Anyways we thought the house it sent us to was the guy who booked the show which was a cool guy named Randy. So we thought it was his house, so we get in the van and get ready to follow Mr. Fralick to his house and he said just to follow him so this suv pulls out and flashes its lights at us so we guess it was him…. we end up following him back the way we came which was looking similar to the 1st place we went which was wrong.. the place where we thought this guy randy lived… So Matt is telling me, “umm, so this looks a lot like the same way back to that house we were 1st sent to”.. and from the back seat Josh says “yeah” that address we went to was Randy’s house so he thought… so we were flippin out cause we thought Randy had pulled out b4 Mr.Fralick and just happened to flash his lights at us so we thought we had followed the wrong person… we were like, “oh crap we followed the wrong person..ugh” ha ha ha But come to find out it was the right person and the right house ha ha

NE ways we ended up at the right house thankfully ha ha. The Fralicks ended up getting us pizza and we all watched some episodes of The Office (which we all LOVE!!) we visited with Cayla and her family and a couple of friends late into the evening which was a blast by the way!!! Thanks guys for staying up with us…well Matt and I(Ben) Josh went to sleep ha ha… Oh and they let us shower, and let me tell ya… we were super happy about that!!!! We needed it.. And a special thanks to Cayla for giving up her room for us to sleep in!!!So super hospitable…We all had a good time and shared and heard some AWESOME stories!!! Thank you guys so much.. We will always remember you and hopefully catch up again soon!!

Ok so that is a lot to read ha ha sorry.. there is some more but we’ll leave that for another time. Thank you to whoever is reading this nonsense we greatly appreciate it..Really… it means alot.. More than you think.. and if you read it.. comment the blog, let us know what you thought and if there is anything you would like to hear about in the next blog!!!

We love you all and will talk to you again soon…
Ben Matt Josh


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