3 More excellent nights of music!!

So I guess I decided without thinking about it to blog every 3rd show! Ha ha Well 1st we played at SK net cafe, it was a super cool/fun show. The night started out with an acoustic set from Rachel Merchand & a friend of hers. After that it was Crimson Fury, a groovy funk rock trio!! They rocked we really enjoyed both of their sets!! Love you guys!

The next evening we played at the Rockshop,we played the open mic night with 6 other bands!! Talk about a lot music! Ha ha it was super fun..the venue was way cool we liked it a lot, we were quite different from most of the other bands but had a remarkable response from everyone, that was very inspiring!! Thank you rockshop and all the amazing people we met and didn’t meet that night! Much love to you all!

OK, so last night we played at Broad St Music. This place was really cool and quite artsy. We met and hung out with some awesome people. The guy that is running the venue is Douglas, he and everyone involved w that place rock! Doug ended up letting us crash at his place!! Him, his wife and roommate let us invade their home ha ha. They fed us and had a huge room with a clean bed 4 each of us to sleep in!! They even let us take a shower!! That was the 1st shower all of us were able to take thus far!! So you can imagine how thankful we were!! Oh and I almost forgot.. We had a request for symphony of dreams, that was the 1st time we’d played that song in over a year!! Ha ha it was good to play it and hear it!! We loved everyone there…

We’re totally psyched about the other shows and people coming up!! We love all you guys out there!! Thanks for reading and supporting us, means more to us then you know!!

Peace and Love Ben Matt Josh


~ by jettisonnever on January 28, 2009.

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