Hello Dangers… Hello Angels.. The Tour Has Begun!!!

Alright so I know this isn’t the first night of the tour but what can I say, we don’t always have Internet!!! So our 1st show was at Bonhoeffers and the show went amazing… except for my(Ben) new snare drum broke on us in the mid-beginning of the show… but oh well, life goes on!!! They ended up letting us stay there for the night and shared some amazing soup with us.

The next night we went to Sylva and played at Guadalupe Cafe…The town is small but very cool… really laid back. We had some incredible food, Matt pretty much lit his mouth on fire with his meal(;_))ha ha. We started playing, there weren’t to many people to begin with but after a couple min people started popping in and it turned out to be a terrific show!!! We finally have some shirts and they are selling like crazy, its awesome. We ended up meeting a couple named Jon & Megan and they invited us to stay at their house and they said they would make us pancakes in the morning!! Ridiculous!! Jon and Megan were some of the most hospitable people we’ve ever met!! Thank You guys so so so much, we love you!!

We left Jon & Megans house and made our way to the next stop which was in Greenville, SC. We arrived at the venue a little early and ended up grilling out some hot dogs thanks to our PaPa who let us borrow a camping stove! We got into the bar and set up stuff and visited with the bar tenders and other bands while we all set up. We played with two more heavy hard rock bands that were really cool… We weren’t sure how it would go with us playing after them and the big change in genre but it ended up working out really well!! Some awesome way everybody really enjoyed it and stayed and rocked out with us till the end!!

All in all the tour has started off great!! We’re looking forward for more to come!!! We love all of you guys keep in touch with and we’ll keep you posted on the shows to come…

Peace and Love Jettison Never


~ by jettisonnever on January 25, 2009.

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